Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jobs does itsQuest have available?
itsQuest positions meet the needs of your busy schedule. itsQuest works with community businesses, schools, and government agencies to staff their open positions. We staff full-time and part-time, temporary, long-term temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions.

How do I find open positions?
itsQuest posts most open positions to www.itsQuest.com, just click search jobs. Looking for another type of position? itsQuest regularly receives new client orders. Contact your local itsQuest office to check on open positions.

How soon can itsQuest put me to work?
itsQuest places prescreened candidates who meet our clients needs. Open positions change regularly.

Is there a fee?
No. Unlike other staffing and recruiting firms, itsQuest never charges a fee to candidates.

Do I need to continue my job search?
When itsQuest receives a job order, we search our lists of existing qualified candidates. We work on behalf of our qualified candidates and contact those with up-to-date, current information. Our staff is available to answer any questions regarding open positions. We recommend you continue your job search and contact our office when you have secured other employment.

When is payday?
Best day of the week! Never stand in line waiting to cash your checks. itsQuest pays weekly on Fridays with via direct deposit or pay card.

Does itsQuest offer employee benefits?
itsQuest offers full-time and part-time employees one of the best benefit plans in the industry. Learn more about our health benefits, vacation pay, and holiday pay by contacting your local itsQuest office for details.

How do I update my contact information?
Updating your contact information is quick and easy. Login to www.myitsquest.com and update your information with just a click of the mouse. Having trouble accessing the system? Contact your local itsQuest office for help!

Do I need a resume?
Although a resume is not required, a well-written resume increases your marketability to clients. Bring in your resume and let our team of experts review your skills and experience. We know what customers want and our team provides suggestions to land your dream job!

Does itsQuest conduct drug tests and background checks?
All applicants sign a release submitting to drug screens and background checks.

How often should I call itsQuest?
Contact itsQuest weekly while actively seeking employment.

What happens if I move?
No need to complete a new application. itsQuest has offices throughout New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. Contact the nearest itsQuest branch for employee transfer information.