Clear Choices

itsQuest Clear Choices model is an excellent tool, time saving service, and a long-term cost savings to a small or medium sized business.  The costs for maintain a HR department, a Safety department, a payroll department, and other related support is very expensive, but also time consuming and full of risks and pitfalls.

The Clear Choices model allows the employer to outsource recruitment, qualifying candidates, staff placement, employee management, benefit management, safety support, payroll processing, payroll tax payment and claims management to a qualified and professional support team.

We work with our clients to develop the support level needed to manage and grow their business from the Human Capital side and do it in a manner where the employer, managers, and supervisors can focus on their ability to grow a business, but maintain levels of supervision and control over the employees. 
Our programs will

Outsourcing even a portion of your HR tasks can afford you the freedom to focus on core activities that will help you grow your business.
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