Recruiting and Screening

We constantly recruit and search for people.  Because of our locations we have a stream of people walking in, but that is not the big issue.

The big issue is finding the right person at the right time, just for our specific client.  Your expectations are high and so are our expectations.  The best fit is the right fit.

Our long term commitment of treating applicants and employees well benefits our clients.  Many qualified people search for itsQuest because of our attention to the employees, our benefits, and our overall welcoming attitudes.  We provide a referral bonus to employees who refer employable candidates to itsQuest.

We know how and we have the experience to target all markets, including large, small, remote or even off-season to locate the best candidates.  itsQuest does have national partners when the need occurs and can access millions of resumes and candidates.

itsQuest screens and evaluates the skills of all candidates.  Every applicant does not become a candidate and every candidate does not become an assignable employee.  We set our standards high and match our client standards. 

Interviewing:  Our qualification process begins with a complete behavioral interview and we gain insight into the person’s work history, actual skills, past performance, communication skills and personal demeanor.  We know our clients and we work to find employees that match our clients.

Skills Testing:  itsQuest uses Prove It!, a validated assessment program, and tests for clerical, industrial, technical, healthcare, financial and call center needs.
Work History References:  We work to obtain at least seven measurable years of work experience or suitable substitutes.  We carefully examine candidates who do not have the expected work experience for skills, attitude, and capabilities to match our client needs.

Background Checks:  itsQuest background checks every employee.  The backgrounds are not based on a client request, but are a consistently applied tool used for every employee.  Employees are properly notified and give proper releases.  The backgrounds are comprehensive and cover a variety of issues and areas.

Drug Screening: Our standard drug screen is a 5-panel urine screen, but we offer other panel screens upon client request. Ask the Employment Consultant about drug screening procedures in your local office.