Resume Tips


our resume is your selling tool for landing that dream job. It is a quick glance of the experience and skills you have to contribute to an organization.

Most employers take one quick glance at your resume and in less than 30 seconds they make the decision to call to set-up the interview. Every word on your resume counts!

What does your resume say about you?

    • Who you are as an employee
    • Your employment history
    • Your strengths and accomplishments
    • Your skills and abilities
    • Why a potential employer should call you

What should you include on your resume?

Personal Data

How can the prospective employers contact you?
Name: Use your full name, do not use a nickname
Street Address: Use your mailing address.
Phone Number: Remove inappropriate ringtones or music and use one that is professional and business-like.
Email Address: Change your email address to a professional email address.
Never Use:              

What types of personal data should you leave off of your resume?

    • Age
    • Marital Status
    • Children
    • Health Information
    • Height and Weight
    • Religious Affiliations
    • Personal Photograph

What type of content should you include in your resume?

Job Objective –A two-to-three sentence statement highlighting your search intentions and an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you would like in your career.

Work Experience – When listing your work experience, start with your most recent position and then list your previous positions chronologically. List the company, organization, dates employed and a bulleted list detailing your accomplishments and job duties for each company.

Education and Training – List your education and training including the most recent degrees or certificate first. Include the name of the institution, certificate type, city, and state. Including the year of completion is optional.

Activities, Organizations, and Community Experience – List only activities, organizations, or community experience relating to the position you are applying and work in your favor. Emphasize activities that support your job search.

What are other ways to make your resume stand out from the crowd?

    • Tailor your resume to match your skills and the skills required for the position. Keep several versions of your resume for various types of positions you intend on applying for.
    • Always spell check your resume before submitting to a prospective employer. Use spell check, read, and re-read. Have a friend or family member review your resume. The more eyes looking at your resume the less chance of errors.
    • Never make handwritten corrections. Always save an electronic version of your resume so you can make changes as needed.
    • Always highlight your skills and experience sticking straight to the facts without over exaggerating or enhancing your skills.
    • Keep your resume clean and easy to read.

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Your resume is your selling tool for landing that dream job. It is a quick glance of the experience and skills you have to contribute to an organization.