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Working with ITSQuest you’ll have lots of perks! As a staffing company, we are always looking to grow and progress ourselves as well as our employees. You can find our book club reading list, our financial future planning guides, and other excellent resources on our blog. You can browse our job board and check out our 12 locations throughout New Mexico and Texas on our interactive map below.

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Perks of the job

Benefits Offered

Medical benefits are offered to our employees after 60 days of employment. 

Various Industries

We offer positions in dozens in industries. You can try out different jobs to gain a variety of skills.  

12 Locations

There are offices throughout the state of New Mexico and in Texas, with fresh jobs available everyday.

Job Board

Our job board has our most current jobs available. You can search by specific job title or the area or zip code you’d like to work in. We have fresh jobs every day all throughout New Mexico and Texas. If you want to see the kinds of industries we staff, take a look here to find what is out there for you.


The Hiring Process

Our applicant process ensures we match our employees with the right job. All applicants must be willing to consent to a drug test and background checks. As a staffing agency, we are confident in the quality of our applicants because of our proven five point hiring process. If you are an employer, find out more about our services on our clients page. Try out several different types of jobs to gain new skills and find a new career you’ll love today!


Behavioral Interview


Background Checks


Drug Screening


Reference Checks


Skills Testing

Find an Office

Here you can see the locations where we have offices throughout New Mexico and Texas.

As a leading staffing company in New Mexico and Texas, we are proud to have served these areas for more than 25 years.

Feel free to contact us or your local office if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.


A Few Industry We Place

Industry News

Direct Hire Meaning

Direct Hire Meaning

  There are lots of terms used in the staffing industry to describe types of employment. Applicants often ask, "what's the meaning of direct hire?" If you’ve ever worked with a staffing company, then you may have heard some of these terms. At ITSQuest we use...

Role Player

Role Player

ITSQuest recruits for the position of Role Player on a very regular basis, most recently, on December 27, 2019. Most of the positions are in the Artesia, NM area.  In essence this position is intended to create scenarios that the law enforcement trainee may come to...

Staffing Agencies and Personality Testing

Staffing Agencies and Personality Testing

In the search for the perfect candidate, employment agencies utilize a variety of tools. One such tool we use at ITSQuest is a behavioral assessment in our interviewing process. We have a five-step interviewing process that has proven to be effective in determining...

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