How to Secure a Job Through a Staffing Company


Securing a job can be a daunting task, but with the help of staffing companies such as  ITSQuest, the process can become easier. Staffing companies have a wide range of job opportunities and can connect job seekers with employers quickly. In this blog, we will explore how job seekers can get a job through a staffing company and ITSQuest.



Understanding Staffing Companies

Staffing companies, also known as employment or recruitment agencies, help companies find suitable candidates to fill temporary or permanent job positions. They act as the middleman between employers and job seekers by advertising job openings, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and making recommendations to the employer.

Staffing agencies may also offer services such as background checks, skills assessments, and training programs to help job seekers improve their chances of finding employment. They earn revenue by charging the employer a fee for their services or by taking a percentage of the employee’s salary. This means if an employee is making $15/Hr, a staffing company could charge their client $20/Hr, taking that five dollars for profit. The additional five dollars includes fees for recruiting, screening, employer taxes and a small profit.

Here at ITSQuest we operate in a typical fashion and have a variety of jobs to offer from our 12 different locations throughout New Mexico and Texas. Positions we constantly staff for but are not limited are as follows: 


Medical Assistants 

Administrative Assistants 


Grounds Maintenance Workers



Customer Service Reps 

Legal Assistants 

Warehouse Workers 

And many more!  

Finding a Position Through Staffing Companies and  ITSQuest 

Recruitment agencies find employees through any means of social media, job websites, in field recruiting,job fairs and referrals from other employees. 

ITSQuest also uses a variety of ways for job seekers to find employment. Current jobs are posted on our Facebook and Instagram with the job title, pay and hours. These ads always provide our website and the number of the branch location to call and express interest or ask questions.

  Some other things that can be found on our socials are the job fairs we attend. Coming out to a job fair is a great way to get acquainted with our recruiters and find the right job for you. Even if there isn’t a job applicable to your skill set, the recruiters can keep your resume and contact you if a future position opens up. 

We also have jobs posted on Indeed and Careerbuilder. This way you can send in your resume and wait to be contacted by one of our recruiters. To find our jobs on these websites, please check the buttons on the bottom of this page. 

Find the Right Job at the Right Time

Opting for a staffing company, like ITSQuest, to assist in your job search ensures that you stand out as one of the select few candidates presented to the client. By leveraging their expertise and extensive network, these companies are able to match your skills and qualifications with the right opportunities. This focused approach increases your chances of securing a position and provides a competitive advantage in the job market. So, if you’re looking to streamline your job search and maximize your opportunities, consider calling the ITSQuest location closest to you. 

To keep up with job postings checkout the links below 



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