COVID-19: Hiring in uncertain times

Businesses large and small have been affected by the local and global decisions related to COVID-19. There are far reaching implications because of the necessary mandates laid out by the government and it affects the families and businesses in all of our communities. ITSQuest Professional Staffing can help take care of our current unemployment concerns.

Many businesses still need to continue work as usual and will need qualified and screened employees. Candidates can apply easily by following the link below.

Recruiting in uncertain times such as these can be difficult, so ITSQuest would like to offer a solution.

As an employment company,

ITSQuest has the technology in place to continue to provide quality candidates to businesses that require employees in these uncertian times.

Our process includes:

  • Video conferencing for interviews
  • Remote signatures on documents
  • Drug testing
  • Background Checks

ITSQuest’s video conferencing and remote signature capabilities allow us to continue our recruiting efforts with the same standard of excellence as we always have.

Staffing through ITSQuest means you don’t have to handle unemployment claims.

Small to medium sized businesses that are continuing to work and require employees are invited to call ITSQuest to discuss employment services available. Contact an office near you today! All of our contact info can be found  by clicking the link below.

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