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There are lots of terms used in the staffing industry to describe types of employment. Applicants often ask, “what’s the meaning of direct hire?” If you’ve ever worked with a staffing company, then you may have heard some of these terms. At ITSQuest we use these terms to differentiate between the length of time a job is expected to last. We provide direct hire, temp to hire, temp, and seasonal positions. To learn more about what we do at ITSQuest, visit the homepage or find contact info on our location page.

We use terms like “employee” and “client” in this article. The term employee, in this article, is interchangeable with applicant, worker, or candidate. Clients are businesses who work with staffing companies and have requested employees to provide services. If you are interested in becoming a client, our clients page has everything you need to know.

With that said, let’s discuss how ITSQuest uses these terms!

What does direct hire mean?

A direct hire is an employee that is provided to a client by an employment company that will go on the client’s payroll. In this situation, a business contacts a staffing company to find them employees. The employees that are chosen, go directly onto the client’s payroll after passing their drug test and background check.

Temp to Hire

Temporary to hire positions are a test drive for both the employees and the clients. Temp to hire positions are for a predetermined length of time and if both the client and employee are satisfied with the arrangement then the employee is hired to the client’s company at the end of the designated time. Staffing companies differentiate temp to hire and direct hire because, temp to hire employees are on the employment company’s payroll while direct hire employees are on the client’s payroll. Temp to perm positions are among the best options because in test driving several positions, people can gain experience to add to their resume.


Positions that are only for a specified period of time are considered temporary positions. For example, a temp position could be for a day or three months or any predetermined length of time. One of the many benefits of working temp positions is gaining hands on experience in a variety of fields. For individuals who are unsure of what line of work they want to pursue, temp positions are a great option. There are times when a client is pleased with an employees’ performance in a temp position, they offer the employee the position on an ongoing basis. In this case the position goes from temp to temp to hire.


During certain times of year, clients may need help with a higher volume of work. An example would be retail around Christmas. These differ from temp because the seasonal positions may not have an end date to the length of time an employee is needed. People often look for seasonal positions to earn extra money during the same seasons, but they can be at different times throughout the year. It just depends on what the clients need at those times.


There are always open positions here at ITSQuest in dozens of fields. We have positions for every age group and people from a variety of educational backgrounds. If you’re ready to get started, click below or find the location nearest to you!

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