Family and Medical Leave Act

With the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the forefront of everyone’s mind, knowing what options are available to you if you or a loved one is diagnosed with an illness is incredibly important. Whether it’s COVID-19 or another serious illness, when it’s necessary to take time off due to an illness the Family and Medical Care Act FMLA) could help. Below you can fill out the form and return it to the closest office to you.


At ITSQuest we take pride in assisting our employees in any way we can. We are passionate about work, so finding the right job for the right person is what we do best. Balancing work with the pressures and responsibilities of life can be difficult. Often times situations arise that cause a strain on that balance.

When you or a loved one falls ill and time needs to be taken from work to care for others or to heal yourself, the Family and Medical Care Act (FMCA) is a program that allows people a period of time to care for those in their life that require care and still keep their job. It is important to read the information on the form carefully in order to determine if your situation would be elligible.

You can get the form from the link above. Once you have filled out the form, just return it to your local office and the Employment Consultants at the office will submit your request. Below you can find all the contact info to our locations.

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