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In many cases, landing an interview can be quite an accomplishment in itself. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to make it out of a pile of applications when you go the “traditional route” when job searching. ITSQuest Staffing Professionals takes all the hassle out of job hunting by providing you with jobs that fit your skill set and experience. As social distancing is still widely recommended for the time being to keep people healthy, your interview will likely take place online. ITSQuest can perform the vast majority of our application and onboarding process online, but processes like a drug test will take place at our facility, at a safe distance of course. Read on for tips on how you can best prepare yourself for a virtual interview.


What to expect with a remote interview

Despite interviewing from the comfort of our own homes, you should still be presenting yourself in the most professional manner possible when attending the virtual interview with ITSQuest. One way to present yourself professionally is to wear classic work attire, just as you would in a face to face interview.

Dress for Success

Wrinkle free buttoned-shirts or dressy blouses finished off with a blazer or cardigan tend to be trusted staples. Instead of going straight to department store websites, try an out of the box approach with ThredUp to supplement your wardrobe with work staples. When shopping for professional attire it can be helpful to rely on brands like Chicos. These styles are their focus and anything they offer would be work appropriate. Whether you’re working with a limited budget or are trying to be money-smart during these uncertain times, shopping thrifted Chicos styles is a great way to get the business look for less.

Professional Presentation

Now that you’re ready to look the part, another consideration is how well you present yourself over the video conference. Beware of ceiling fans or lights that could be placed in a distracting place in your background. What you choose to show in your interview with ITSQuest can either be contributing to your personality or detracting from it. Most recommend a neutral background, ideally a wall or a well-lit space with few to no distractions.

It’s also important to remember much of the advice you’ve already heard about interviews. Body language, eye contact, confidence, and preparedness are all still very crucial to your success. There are a few things you can do to maintain your professional presentation over this medium. The application process on the website allowed you to attach your resume but sending your info directly to your local office would show your level of interest and preparedness. Any materials you wanted to have ready that you would’ve brought as hard copies to an in-person interview, are still handy to have readily available as a hard copy for your quick reference. However, it could be prudent for you to also have these materials available in a digital format that you can review during the interview together through sharing your screen.

Either prepare a folder right on your desktop so they are easily accessible or have them opened up already and minimized. Lastly, your body language remains a large part of your impression, so you’ll want to ensure that your setup allows you to sit up straight, looking directly into the webcam to mimic eye contact.

Technical Tidbits

Another element to think about is how well you can navigate the GoTo Meeting platform ITSQuest has scheduled the interview in. Look like a total professional by taking some time ahead of the big day to familiarize yourself with its interface and features, by utilizing their free trial. Also, be sure that your internet connectivity is reliable, so your interview is memorable because of you and your qualifications and not about technical difficulties. You could even get a friend to help you do a trial run to allow you to fully explore the platform and mimic the experience.


When it comes to job searching, it can be a huge undertaking trying to find work in uncertain times, such as these. Give yourself a leg up by going to the place that has lots of jobs available. ITSQuest is always hiring! To get started apply online and with 12 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico, you can find an office near you. Step into the future of work and go to where the jobs are. At ITSQuest, we can help you with your job search.

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