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ITSQuest recruits for the position of Role Player on a very regular basis and most of the positions are in the Artesia, NM area.  In essence this position is intended to create scenarios that the law enforcement trainee may come to expect in their future line of work.

As a Role Player, you can expect for the position to be moderately physical. Applicants need to be able to lower themselves down to the ground to their knees and back up again without assistance as well as comfortably be able to cross their wrists behind their back. See full job description below.

Along with this position we have many avaiblable jobs in Artesia. Just head over to our locations page for contact info. If you are a government agency or a client looking to hire staff, feel free to contact us. If you are ready for a new and excicing opportunity, click below to get started.

Candidates are trained to reinact situational events to assist in the training of law enforcement officers.

Most situations are inside buildings or vehicles. Some situations will include learning a verbal dialogue to enhance exchanges between the trainee and candidate. Other exchanges will portray the intended attitudes of the training excercise.

The excercises are not physical or do they involve pursuit. The candidate may have to consent to sitting on their knees and be handcuffed with their arms behind their backs. Within the training compound candidates can walk from buildings to training sites.

If you are ready to become a role player, click above to apply. Once you have applied, an Employment Consultant may contact you for an interview. Check out all of our locations and view open positions below.

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